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  • Situated in the Eastern Highlands on the Mozambique border about 200km east of Harare.

  • Altitude within the Park varies between 2,000m and 3,000m and is where Zimbabwe’s highest peak, Mt Nyangani, is found.

  • Dramatic highland scenery, cool green forests, several important rivers and spectacular waterfalls.

  • Many of the rivers have been dammed to form small lakes.

  • Contains woodlands of introduced pine and wattle, and high altitude heath lands.

  • Samango monkey and blue duiker spotting opportunities.

  • Abundant birdlife and well stocked mountain streams containing trout.

  • Offers excellent hiking, including the opportunity to climb (not too difficult) Mt Nyangani, as well as quality trout angling, leisurely horseback explorations and golf on one of three available courses.

  • Rhodes fell in love with this area and chose to build a house here – now the Rhodes Hotel.

  • The sunny dry winter season runs from April to September and is the best time to enjoy perfect walking weather, although temperatures do drop dramatically at night.

  • Summer is the wetter part of the year when cloudy conditions and mist are common.

  • Open all year round.

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By road 
Nyanga National Park is 258 km east of Harare on the Mutare road, following signposts to Marondera, Rusape, and then Juliasdale and Nyanga.

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