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Luxury Travel in Africa

Africa? Luxurious? Majority of Africa might be what we call “third world”, and there’s no denying that. Politically we aren’t the most stable, but then again, is there any part of the world without political trauma? We also might not have the luxury of gorgeous Joe Malone branches spread wildly around the continent, but there’s no doubt that what we do have, is worth more to the mind, heart, eyes and soul than any of the above.

We know that many people aren’t the happiest whilst tossing and turning in a small tent without a fan, with nothing but a flimsy sleeping bag, having the wild animals rubbing up against your tent – that scene is most definitely for the more adventurous traveller. This is where Africa has truly got the absolute best of both worlds. It so easily and wonderfully turns a “third world stereotype” into a 6 star, lavish getaway, which has (not surprisingly) attracted an increasing number of travellers from all around the world wanting to mix extreme luxury and raw nature in the most comfortable, divine way.

Many of our clients and readers would have been exposed to a flood of examples in picture and video form thanks to the great power of social media – whether it be blogs, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and so on. Of course we are aware that media might not have the greatest reputation, as it’s an easy way to distort reality – but in the case of experiencing luxury travel in Africa, these platforms actually downplay the experience, as nothing compares to being here in the flesh, gazing out with the naked eye towards the beauty that Africa so perfectly captures.

Nothing in the world beats a sunset in the beautiful Zimbabwe, or a thrilling safari with the most professional, knowledgeable guides whose love for the place is felt right through. The animals are extremely wild, and though untamed – they are always a pleasure to be around, and they make incredible company whilst driving around the National Parks or even just relaxing at camp. It’s a truly magical experience being able to watch these wild animals in their natural habitat, therefore being respectful towards them and their territory is most important when visiting the national parks. There’s a huge drive in Southern Africa to take enormous care for the areas that hold these animals. Conservation is a major focus for us and we try our best to ensure animals are kept safe from any unnatural or illegal activity.

Luxury travel in Zimbabwe is fit for all occasions whether it’s a family holiday, romantic getaway, business meetings, adventure or sports and much more. We ensure all our guests are well looked after and for those with kids, our staff and guides are always happy to make their time as exciting as possible. They are fun and friendly, and love watching youngsters be wowed by the magic of nature. Because many parts of the continent are wilder than others, some camps have age limits to ensure safety of young children.

We try our best to make sure that our travellers visiting are exposed to every breathtaking corner of the continent, and although the bush is (in our opinion) the most exquisite form of luxury travel, we also boast and adore the more tropical, oceanic areas with unbelievable views. And of course, as many would agree – there really is something special about being by the sea.

Areas like Mozambique, Mauritius, Cape Town and so on, have some of the most extraordinary locations and our travellers are always coming back to us with ecstatic reviews.

Sun, sea and sand – the perfect trio for a relaxing, rejuvenating escape, made even better when the interior and services of the carefully picked accommodation are nothing short of impeccable – making their stays quite perfect. These holidays are also great go – to’s for the adventure junkie, with a variety of exciting activities on daily for all ages.

All in all, Luxury travel in Africa is without a doubt the most incredible experience, and we are proud to be able to genuinely change lives. With its diverse areas, interesting cultures and unbelievably friendly people – this part of the world could pass as “luxury” even without the man made touches.

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