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Luxury Travel in Africa

Africa? Luxurious? Majority of Africa might be what we call “third world”, and there’s no denying that. Politically we aren’t the most stable, but then again, is there any part of the world without political trauma? We also might not have the luxury of gorgeous Joe Malone branches spread wildly around the continent, but there’s no doubt that what we do have, is worth more to the mind, heart, eyes and soul than any of the above.

We know that many people aren’t the happiest whilst tossing and turning in a small tent without a fan, with nothing but a flimsy sleeping bag, having the wild animals rubbing up against your tent – that scene is most definitely for the more adventurous traveller. This is where Africa has truly got the absolute best of both worlds. It so easily and wonderfully turns a “third world stereotype” into a 6 star, lavish getaway, which has (not surprisingly) attracted an increasing number of travellers from all around the world wanting to mix extreme luxury and raw nature in the most comfortable, divine way.