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Mountain holiday in Zimbabwe, Africa
  • The Chimanimani National Park is at the most southern point of the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe, 75km south of Mutare, on the border with Mozambique.

  • Renowned for its rugged grandeur with deeply dissected gorges, magnificent waterfalls and spectacular peaks.

  • The Park consists of mainly mountain vegetation with open grassland and woodlands.

  • Mt Binga (2,437m) is the highest point of the Chimanimani Range.

  • Layered rock formations offer a unique alternative to the rounded domes commonly found in other parts of Zimbabwe.

  • Orchids and hibiscus grow on the tangled slopes, and lobelia heather and many species of meadowland wild flowers carpet the intermittent savanna plains. 

  • Few signs of human influence and only accessible by foot.

  • Hiking destination bar none and authentic camping experience in the bush.

  • Wildlife spotting opportunities for eland, bushbuck, sable, klipspringer and blue duiker, as well as an abundance of birdlife and trout in the clear mountain streams.

  • A formidable stone wall sits at the heart of the Park opposite the Chimanimani Village.

  • Tessa’s Pool is a classic natural swimming hole, now complete with a rope swing and barbeque facilities. 

  • The dry winter season is usually cool and sunny providing perfect walking weather, although temperatures can drop at night.

  • In the hot and wet summer season the area can be prone to cloud conditions, sudden storms and mists, but these quickly clear. 

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One can either travel south from Mutare or east from Masvingo. Mutekeswane Base Camp is 19 km from Chimanimani village and is the entry point to the Chimanimani National Park.

Bring all your own supplies. You're well advised to keep your equipment and food as light as possible.

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