Meet the Team

Beck Edwards - Founder and Director

I started the Off2Africa business back in 2001. Growing up on the outskirts of Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe enriched my childhood and captured my imagination with the wonders of Africa’s wildlife and how an experience here can truly restore the soul.


Privilege has allowed me to travel extensively in Southern and East Africa and I can honestly say it’s impossible to tire of the amazing, contrasting continent that is Africa! It's thrilling to offer the opportunity of safari travel to others from across the planet and I am deeply convinced that tourism is critical to improving Africa’s unemployment statistics and in reducing poverty.


On a personal note, I am overwhelmed and enthralled when I find myself in true wilderness – in 2009, I initiated a 5-day hike, unsupported, across the breadth of Hwange National Park. There were places we revelled in, places where no man had previously been. It was astonishing and that is just part of the essence of extraordinary Africa. With that in mind and in the pursuit of a “true” wilderness experience, I arrange a guided hike with friends every two years across Zimbabwe’s best national parks.

I look forward to welcoming you to the world’s most exciting continent!

Olivier Candiotti - Director

Born in France of a Corsican family who settled around the world, I lived in the late eighties in Zimbabwe (1988-1990) before moving to Poland, Nigeria, France, China and Hong Kong.


I caught Zimbabwe's virus, going there almost every year for thirty years. I settled in Harare, with my family, in the summer of 2017 to invest in different projects. I'm very proud to have invested in Off 2 Africa, in charge of the development of the French and Chinese markets.


There is no doubt that Zimbabwe is an exceptional tourist destination, as much by the value of the people as by the beauty of the landscapes.  All the ingredients are there to make Off 2 Africa the regional reference thanks to a unique network and a dynamic team!

Chloe Cottrell - Travel Advisor

Born and raised in Zimbabwe I was lucky enough to come from a family who adored getting out of town and seeing the beautiful places this country has to offer. I was brought up camping in Mana Pools and Gonarezhou, visiting Kariba, Victoria Falls, Hwange and Nyanga, as well as travelling throughout Southern Africa. I have always had a deep connection to Africa and feel most alive when I am in the bush.


I have travelled to many countries both inside and outside of Africa and lived abroad for several years working in high end properties in London and Dublin. However, my heart was always in Africa and so I returned to Zimbabwe in 2013. The move back home gave me the opportunity to work in luxury lodges such as Singita Pamushana in Zimbabwe and Singita Sasakwa in Tanzania. It was through this, my passion for safari travel was born and I have not looked back since.


I have discovered a true love for the safari world and bringing its joys to clients. I take great pride in giving a personalised service to my clients, many of whom have become friends through all our correspondence.      

Mana Brightman - Travel Advisor

I’ve been lucky enough to have been born and raised in Zimbabwe and have lived here my whole life with never the urge to live anywhere else. I’ve had a wonderful upbringing where my parents, and my whole family really, have been greatly involved in wildlife and conservation in this country, working in National Parks too. They met each other and worked in the world-renown Mana Pools National Park where my father was Warden there for a couple of years and hence where I get my name “Mana” from. Both my father and my uncle currently head Anti-Poaching Units here in Zimbabwe in the bid to protect our heritage for future generations to come.

From a young age, I’ve been taught to respect the bush and its numerous inhabitants, looking after many injured or baby orphaned animals along the way. I’ve grown up with a deep love and connection of this country, and this continent, with its many diverse habitats. You never know what to expect here day-to-day, there’s always a once-in-a-lifetime experience to be had. I truly believe there is something here for everyone and I can guarantee that you will leave a piece of your heart behind after visiting. It’s a common saying that “once you’ve visited Africa, it gets under your skin” and I hope that with us, the Off2Africa team, we can keep bringing you back to this wonderful continent we call Home. ~

call:    Harare: +263 771 363 211 ;

             Victoria Falls: +263 772 147 631


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