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Amazing buildling in Zimbabwe
  • Medieval city in the south-eastern hills of Zimbabwe near Lake Mutirikwe and the town of Masvingo.

  • A UNESCO World Heritage Site which has given the modern nation its name.

  • Modern dating indicates that the city was built circa 1200 AD and lasted three to four hundred years before being abandoned and falling to ruin.

  • Believed to have been the capital of an early Shona-Karanga empire who ruled the surrounding country.

  • Divided into three main structures: the Hill Complex, the Valley Enclosures and the Great Enclosure.

  • Its most formidable edifice, the Great Enclosure, covers an area of approximately 5,000m² with some walls standing 11m high and up to 5m thick. 

  • The mortarless walling of these massive structures is a great accomplishment of precolonial African architecture, second only to the pyramids of Ancient Egypt. 

  • Nearby Lake Mutirikwe is Zimbabwe’s third largest water body and is dammed at the confluence of the Mushagashe and Mutirikwe rivers.

  • Enclosed by outcrops of granite (kopjes), the lake provides fantastic boating and fishing opportunities, although swimming is not advised due to a resident crocodile population. 

  • A small white rhino population can be found in the Mutirikwe Recreational Park. 



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By road
292 km, 280 km, 288 km from Harare, Bulawayo and Beitbridge respectively on main tar roads.

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