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Katavi Plains

we walk out across the plains appreciating the total lack of crowds and vehicles. it's not only having our feet on the ground at the same level as the wildlife, but the feeling that we are the only other people doing so. we take  bedrolls and sling them under a borassus palm. these are the best things to do at katavi and we'd love to share them with you. 

There's walking and then there's real walking; bush walking in a good pair of boots where you want to keep going on and on. Katavi makes you feel like this, it might be something to do with the endless plains around you and vast open skies. Not to mention what you might see whilst you're out there.

With your guide, and an armed scout, along for the ride, you could find yourself watching elephants from up close marveling at how, despite their size, they can move so quietly; or be meandering along the river line seeing all the different birds around the pools, and crocs and hippos who are a big feature of Katavi life. Animals who would often take flight at the sound of a vehicle, won't even know you're there and that's what makes walking out here such an incredible experience.

Walk out to your flycamp where you can spend a night out under the stars. You'll sleep in a mosquito netted tent, small but with enough room for a bedroll kitted out with soft mattress, sheets and a feather pillow. We don't scrimp on the dining either; you'll sit down to a three-course candlelit meal and a glass of chilled wine. But we think these are only the peripheral things, the backdrop to the main event. The whole point about flycamping is being out there at night, lying on your back looking up at the night sky through the roof of your netted tent; listening to the animal sounds, so different from those you hear during the day.

We don't want to sound too dramatic, but we can't imagine your life not being changed in even the smallest of ways after something like this.

Set on the edge of the Katisunga plain, nestled in the fringe of woodland that skirt this
seasonal lake, Katavi Wildlife Camp blends seamlessly into it's environment, enjoying
one of the best views in the park.

Katavi Wildlife Camp is set amongst the trees that fringe the Katisunga plains.  From your vantage point either on your tents veranda or from the upper viewing lounge you can join the predators watching the plains game during the day.  Then anticipate the excitement of the predators hunting their dinner as the game move back to the trees in the evenings.

Katavi consists of 6 large Meru-style tents, overlooking the plain; each built on a raised wooden platform, and sheltered from the midday sun by a traditionally thatched roof. Each tent is en-suite, and has it’s own large veranda with hammock and chairs. There are four double tents and two twin tents, and all have a safe.
After dark, guests are escorted to and from their tent by Askari.

The key to  outstanding game drives is experience, knowledge and a suitable vehicle. All game drives around the park are taken in open 4 wheel drive vehicles. These vehicles have been designed to ensure maximum visibility for all passengers. All have 2 way radio in case of emergency. The game drives are led by a trained, experienced English speaking guide who will ensure that you get the most out of every safari you make.

Spotting large animals and birds of prey is the easy bit - identifying the LBJ's, reading the spore and understanding the vegetation and food chains are what makes Guiding such a specialist activity.

Katavi actually has a plain called 'Paradise' and we think it's pretty aptly named.  Reaching Paradise involves a full day game drive, punctuated by a picnic lunch on the edge of the stunning and never-ending plains of paradise (nearby wildlife permitting!)

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