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Kavinga Safari Camp

Kavinga Safari Camp is situated in a private concession area, in the southern part of Mana Pools National Park.  The camp is set on a cliff which overlooks the beautiful riverbed. The pan below is frequented by wildlife and our well disguised hide gives the opportunity for incredible photographs. 


Kavinga Safari Camp consists of five well appointed raised lodges, built on the edge of the cliff  with a view of the rising sun above the magnificent Zambezi Valley floor.   Each lodge is built to encourage privacy and is as open air as possible to allow in the cool air on hot summer days. The verandah falls in line with the edge of the cliff, in front of each lodge, giving a feeling of infinite space. 


The renowned Chitake Spring in only 9km from the lodge giving you ample chance to spot some of Africa's predators.

The herds of buffalo and other animals that drink at the Chitake Spring through the dryer months also visit Kavinga, as there is another pumped pan in the Ruckomechi River below the camp.  Most evenings, herds of elephant gather in the riverbed providing a wonderful  wildlife spectacle and shyer species, like leopard, visit the pan right below the camp under the cover of darkness.

The guides are some of the best in the park so take full advantage of their knowledge and passion for the wild.


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