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Kigelia Ruaha

Kigelia Ruaha is where you go when your soul seeks the humbling solitude of giant baobabs, the exhiliration of encountering Africa's big cats or great herds of elephant; where the focus is on experiencing nature and not the gold taps, and where you can feel at home while simultaneously enjoying the care of a dedicated team.

Kigelia Ruaha has occupied this spot for many years and now joins our collection of unique camps in some of East Africa's most diverse wild places.  We chose our locations for the essence of the safari experience that they still offer in an increasingly busy world. Kigelia is exemplary in that it lies in the best game area within this vast and beautiful park. 

The camp itself is also just up our street – beautifully airy tents set beneath the boughs of the Sausage Tree (Kigelia Africana) after which it was named.  It has a charm and simplicity which, for us, means that it highlights the surrounding landscape rather than detracts from it.  Falling asleep under canvas to the calls of leopard, and waking in the dappled light of the sun as it peers through the bush is simply magic.

From here we get to explore on foot and in open vehicles, in search of elephant and lion, the statuesque greater kudu and noble sable, as well as all the smaller creatures that call this place home.  We’re very much a transient presence in this place of wild things, which is how we feel it should be.  We’re delighted to share it with you.

Located in the best wildlife area of the great Ruaha National Park, Kigelia Ruaha is a simple tented bushcamp offering all those creature comforts that you need while enjoying one of the best kept big game secrets in East Africa.

A grove of Kigelia (Sausage Tree) is home to our simple tented camp.  We fell in love with this camp because of its location in the best game area of Ruaha National Park.  We felt it to be a perfect spot from which to explore - the camp's simplicity and focus on the essence of safari being totally in keeping with the Nomad way of doing things.

We only have six tents here and it's certainly not camping like you know it - we've got airy tents that provide shelter from the elements without detracting from the beauty of the natural bush manicured lawns here!  The tents are well furnished with locally crafted pale wood furniture and there's a hot safari-style bucket shower under the stars (the showers are en-suite but outdoors), and a flush loo. One of the tents is the family tent which has two adjoining en-suite bedrooms. 

The camp kitchen whips up some tasty feasts - simple but satisfying meals served in the intimate dining tent or better still, under the stars.  Like all bush camps, there's a camp-fire where the essential sundowner can be enjoyed as the hot day gives way to cool night.

We're fortunate to have this lovely camp in the best wildlife area in Ruaha.  Whether you're out and about in an open game drive car, treading the game trails with your guide or wondering around the camp in search of birds, this is safari as its meant to be.

When in one of Africa's biggest game spots, the thing to do is to get out and explore.  We have comfy custom-built open game drive vehicles which are perfect for traversing the beautiful and varied habitats of the park.  Game drives are the best way to get up close to the multitude of wildlife that calls Ruaha home; big-maned lions, great herds of elephant, the handsome greater kudu or statuesque sable.

Between drives, you can also get out on foot.  Being on your own two pegs gives you a totally different experience.  You can stand beneath the towering baobab trees, feeling the smooth warm texture of it's mighty trunk beneath your fingers, or crouch to examine the antics of an ant lion as it hunts from a sandy cone in the dust.  Walking gives you an appreciation of the tranquility, complexity and vastness of the African wilderness and we think it's one of the best things you can do on safari.  Being in the company of a trained and experienced guide both ensures your safety and opens the door onto the wonders of our natural surroundings.

We're great fans of "going out" for breakfast and enjoying a sundowner in a beautiful spot.  These things are rare treats in the safari day and something that you wouldn't do back home, which frankly is the only reason you need for doing them!

Kigelia's lovely location is also an attractive spot for local birdlife and many an early morning or afternoon can be spent wondering around camp with a pair of binoculars to see what's around.  It doesn't have to be "all go" on safari...sometimes it's good to just be.

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