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Kopje Tops

The Mavhuradonha Mountains form the eastern part of the Zambezi Escarpment in Zimbabwe, rising over 1,000m and peaking at Banirembizi. The Mavhuradonha Wilderness Area is a sanctuary covering an area of 575km². This is divided into two sections: the first section is an ecotourism area only, which contains a small rustic safari lodge, Kopje Tops, which caters for photography, walking safaris etc. The second area allows for consumptive and non-consumptive activities.

The mountains lie north of the town of Centenary and intercept the north-east winds. For this reason they have a cooler, moister climate than the valley below. The name 'Mavuradonha' refers to the misty rains which often hover over the mountain tops.

There are numerous streams and rivers rising in the mountains, flowing north to the Zambezi. The ground in parts is steep and rocky with elephant trails winding up and down the mountains. In the east, the Musengezi River has cut a gorge through the mountains creating attractive scenery. Elephant, lion, hyena, buffalo, eland, sable, kudu and zebra are amongst the species which make this scenic area home.

This area is for the adventurous, as the going can be tough. There are very few comparable areas still untouched today which take the participants back to raw Africa in quite the same way.
The area holds a great deal of well-developed miombo woodland. There  are also gully, ravine or 'kloof' woodlands, with higher soil moisture and nutrients, providing a greater range of microhabitats. There is a Raffia palm botanical reserve near the Kopje Tops camp too.

There are a great many sites of cultural historical significance including rock paintings, pot caches, cultivation sites and sacred caves.




1.1 Off- peak periods (weekdays and non-peak weekends): $33 per person per night self- catering staying in lodges, half price for under 12 and OAP’s and free for under 2.  Min cost for exclusivity of the entire camp  is $200 per night or min pax  for $200 / night is at least 6  paying adults.  If the camp has less than 6 adults or the total cost does not reach $200 then it is not exclusively booked, however, if the guests wish to book the camp exclusively then they need to pay the exclusive rate of $200 for the camp per night.


1.2 Peak periods (Half terms and long weekends incorporating public holidays e.g. Christmas, Easter, New Year, Independence etc):  the price is $200 per day for 6 paying adults or less plus $33 per person thereafter, half price for kids etc. 

 Check in at 12pm and should be out at 10am on the day you leave.  

 1.3  Scouts and staff fees for clients in KT camp: Each group will need to be escorted by a scout and the cost of this scout is $20 per day.  If there are 6 or more paying adults the scout is for free, if less than 6, then the cost is $20 per scout per day.

For anyone staying in camp, there is a camp hand to do firewood for free.  If clients want a cook then this is extra: basic cook $10 per day; chef on request $20 per day.

 All costs should be paid to Tifiny, including cooks, maids, camp hands etc. The only money that should be paid to staff on the ground is tips.


A 50% deposit is required to secure your booking.  The remaining  50% is to be paid 2 weeks prior to your departure to Mavhuradonha Wilderness Area .Should you cancel your booking within 2 weeks of your booked entry date the deposit is non-refundable.



There are 6 guest lodges, a kitchen lodge, dining room lodge and central entertainment area “Kopje Tops”. Four of the guest lodges have double beds and two lodges have two single beds. In total the camp can therefore accommodate 12 people.  The lodges are thatched chalets, each with a shower and toilet.

The camp is run on a self-catering basis.

There is a petrol generator which supplies electricity to light the camp at night only. It can be switched on at request at sundown and will be switched off when you go to bed.   Fuel is to be supplied by the client (approx. usage 10 l / day).


Travel through Mazowe and as you get to the fields, turn left towards Mvurwi. Large slip off

Pass the 2 large granite hills on the road to Mvurwi turn left and proceed into Mvurwi.

Hit T junction at the BP station and turn left into Mvurwi

Travel through Mvurwi past farm and city to the next T junction

Turn Left and go about 1-2km past Mvurwi secondary school on right and turn right towards Guruve

Travel 31km until the grid at grid store which demarcates the start of the communal area.  There is a store on the left hand side.

Proceed another 7km to Ruyamuro growth point on the right side with petrol station and turn right onto the Bluegrass road not signposted  (tar)

Travel 9.5km until you see a Varden sign or Siyalima school  on your left - turn left onto dirt.

Travel 7km and you will get to Siya lima farm with weird barns.

Travel 2.5km round a 900 bend to the right (barns on your right) down over a stream go 100m and turn right onto small insignificant road.

Travel 2km and you will get to the front gate of Mavs - a cattle gate

The gate is wired closed bear RIGHT and follow your nose and travel 5km to the camp.

Although 4 wheel drive (4WD) is not an absolute necessity to get to Kopje Tops, it is recommended you take a 4WD for driving around the Wilderness Area – especially in the rains. Low clearance vehicles are not recommended.




There is a guide and a general camp hand on duty in camp at all times. The camp hand  will help in the kitchen, provide firewood, make fires, stoke boilers etc.

We can provide a cook on request at $10 or $20 / day during your stay. The cook is able to produce meals on request, using your supplies. Gratuities are at your own discretion and should be paid by the client directly to the staff.




  • All linen (duvets, sheets, pillows etc) & bath towels.

  • Soap for showers and toilet rolls.

  • Crockery & cutlery etc.

  • All kitchen utensils such as pots, pans , kettle etc

  • A petrol generator, please note FUEL IS NOT SUPPLIED.

  • A gas stove and filled  gas cylinder

  • 2 gas freezers and filled gas cylinders

  • Water is from a perennial spring, gravity fed into camp. The water is safe to drink but bring your own drinking water if desired.

  • A Rhodesian Boiler for hot showers which will be made at 6am and  5pm every day.

  • A braai grid is available.

  • We have a house inventory, if there is anything that is lost or broken after your stay please let us know so that we can arrange replacements or repairs.




  • Food, drinks, cleaning materials, litter bags, insect repellents and consumables.

  • Swimming towels – please note that should you want to swim in the rivers/streams please ensure that the Camp towels provided are not used for this i.e. please bring your own swimming towels.

  • Mosquito nets : bring your own if this concerns you.

  • Charcoal.  There is firewood in camp but should you want to use charcoal, please provide your own.

  • Weber braai.

  • Don’t forget to take matches for the gas stove and freezers!!!

  • Plastic Tupperware for leftovers.

  • Ice or ice trays

  • Lamps and torches (see below)

  • First Aid supplies (see below)

  • Coolerboxes (The gas freezers will freeze everything over night, and turn into more of a fridge tempreture in the day as the get opened more. So please take coolerboxes with you so you can keep your veggies etc in them over night so they don’t freeze and then you can keep your ice in the coolerboxes  during the daytime as the freezer temperature becomes warmer so ice may melt in the freezer)



LIGHTING  -  Additional lighting should be provided by you the client, in the form of lamps and torches. CANDLES ARE NOT PERMITTED..


MALARIA -  Mosquitoes are virtually non-existent in the winter but are around in summer.   Repellents should be applied before last light.  Please not that Kopje Tops is not deemed a malaria area.


CELL RANGE  - There is no cell signal in camp but should you need to make a call there is signal on a nearby mountain or at the homestead on Siyalima Farm.


SECURITY – Theft is rare but PLEASE ensure that money and valuables are locked in your vehicles or in the large metal safe provided in Room 7.  The key will be provided to clients from Harare or you may use your own lock. 


WILDLIFE IN CAMP – Please note that we have a few zebra which remain in camp. They are wild animals and care should be taken in their vicinity, even if they do approach you for attention. Please do not feed or handle them. Leopard and elephant also occasionally wander through so be vigilant, particularly at night when walking between chalets.


FOOD  -  No food is provided and the camp is on a self-catering basis so please bring in everything you need for the duration of your stay. Should you run out of anything basics are available in Guruve town or at Ruyamuro Growth Point.


RUBBISH  -  Any tins, bottles, cans and non-organic rubbish needs to be kept separate from the bio-degradable rubbish. Please take your non degradable rubbish out with you as Mavhuradonha  is a sanctuary area.  Two dustbins are provided in the kitchen but we suggest that you take your own bin bags to ensure that this is not a messy operation when you pack up to leave.


FIRST AID – There is no first aid kit in camp, therefore please make sure that you take all your requirements in with you.

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per person per night self catering


*Prices may vary according to season

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