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Kuro Tarangire

We cut our teeth on this site so it seems right that we should return to Tarangire.

Tarangire has long been a special place for us.  Head Nomad guide, Richard Knocker started his bush career here and this very site was Mark & Milly Houldsworth's first marital home.  The location was home to one of the earliest camps in Tarangire, and for good reason.  We're far enough south to have our little patch to ourselves, but a pod's throw away from the Tarangire River along which much wildlife moves - prime walking territory.  We're also within a leisurely game drive of the Silale Swamp and other favourite animal haunts in this gem of a park.

In creating our camp, we've sought to keep our footprint as light as possible.  We've combined the essence of authentic safari with the textures and elements of the Africa that surrounds us.  We wanted to provide all those necessary comforts without overdoing it, ensuring our presence here is in tune with, and not overbearing to, this beautiful place.

One of the things we like most about this place is that we can walk straight out of camp and into wild Africa.  We also have the freedom to explore in open cars both during the day and under the night sky.  Furthermore, the style and location of our camp means that we can sit at peace and observe the natural rhythms of life as it continues undisturbed around us.  It couldn't be better, really.

Our camp, Kuro, has long been a place where people have paused for a while to envelope themselves in Africa's wild natural beauty.  You don't have to go far here to encounter the creatures that call this place home.

Kuro Tarangire is set amid a grove of Acacia and Kigelia trees on the banks of the Tarangire River - often a dry, sandy course snaking through this quiet area of the park.  The area sees the rhythmic movement of wildlife as it traverses the park from the hills in the west to the swamps on the eastern side, and between the north and the south along the river line.

Conscious of wanting to experience this place in a way that harmonises with the natural tempo, without overpowering it, we've created a camp with a light footprint.  At the culmination of each season we will move on like the Nomads we are, leaving only the trees and birds and animals, as if we were never here.

That's not to say that we don't like to be comfortable though.  Our six light and stylish safari tents are complete with comfortable beds, en-suite bucket shower and flushing eco-toilet. The family tent has two en-suite bedrooms and an adjoining sitting area. They rest amongst the trees with views over the African bush.  We gather to share meals and relax under the cool grass thatch of the open-sided lounge and dining area which is furnished with hides and canvas, brought to life with a touch of colourful and tactile textiles.

Tarangire is all about big buffalo herds, the quiet observation of elephant families going about their business and immersion in the quintessentially African landscape punctuated with smooth-trunked Baobab trees.

From the first note of the dawn chorus that accompanies the slow lightening of the sky, to the dusk that gathers around you as you warm your feet by the camp-fire, Kuro Tarangire is a place where human visitors can find harmony with nature's rhythms. We wake in the cool of the early morning and walk straight out of camp to discover evidence of the night's activities along the course of the Tarangire River.  There's something very special about placing one's own foot within the print of an elephant, or kneeling to cradle the nest of a praying mantis, glistening with dew.  It's the sort of rare freedom that we seldom enjoy in our busy lives.

Later in the day we climb into open cars with the warm air against our skin, and head out with the anticipation of discovery.  This park is second only to the Serengeti in its concentration of wildlife and is well known for big herds of buffalo, elephant that stand picturesquely beneath the spreading branches of Baobabs and prides of lazy lion sprawled in the shade of acacia scrub.  The muted colours of Africa are frequently lit up by the bright reds and yellows of barbets, starlings and bee-eaters; there are over 550 species of birds here.  Sometimes we'll take advantage of our freedom to venture out at night for this is when elusive creatures also choose to softly tread the trails.  Few things are more exhilarating than catching a glimpse of the patterned flank of a leopard as it slinks through the grass beside our car.

Our camp, Kuro, has long been a place where people have paused for a while to envelope themselves in Africa's wild natural beauty.  You don't have to go far here to encounter the creatures that call this place home.

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