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Many thanks to Chiawa Camp in Zambia for this magnificent photo
Lower Zambezi
Why Travel Here?
  • As Zambia’s most recent offering, the Lower Zambezi National Park is still very undeveloped and unique in how naturally intact it is.

  • Downstream from Victoria Falls and Lake Kariba, the park is located in southern Zambia, east of Lusaka. The park ends at Mpata Gorge in the east and the western boundary is the Chongwe River, where the main gate can be found.

  • Situated on the Zambezi River bank opposite the famous Mana Pools National Park of Zimbabwe. 

  • The vegetation of the park can be divided into three main zones: the river banks consist mostly of dense overhanging trees such as leadwood, ebony and figs; a floodplain is further inland and is fringed by mopane forest and interspersed with winter thorn trees (Acacia albida); and the escarpment consists of hills covered with broadleaf miombo woodland. 

  • Although there is not the volume of wildlife found in some of the other Zambian parks, the closeness with which one can approach animals from the Zambezi River is absolutely breathtaking. 

  • The 1,200m high escarpment along the northern side of the park acts as a natural buffer preventing the animals from leaving. 

  • Four of the Big Five are found here – lion, leopard, elephant and buffalo.

  • Other species include: African civet, genet, hippo, honey badger, hyaena, impala, kudu, zebra, warthog and waterbuck. 

  • Home to rarer species such as eland and roan antelope and the Samango monkey. 

  • The vast variety of bird species includes fish eagles, black eagles, Lilian's lovebirds, Meyer’s parrots, white fronted and carmine bee-eaters and trumpeter hornbills.

Some recommended places to stay
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How to get there

Not suitable to self-drivers the best way to see this Park is to travel to either a private lodge, or with a private operator - both of which will organize transfers from either Lusaka, Chirundu, or Kariba. 

By road
To Chirundu and then by boat down the Zambezi River to the lodges.


By air
There is an airstrip at Jeeki. 

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