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  • The Machangulo Nature Reserve is a spectacular piece of land located a short flight or boat ride from Maputo.

  • It is one of the last untouched beach paradise locations in the world.

  • The natural ecosystem is so astounding that it is being considered for World Heritage Site status.

  • There is a large range of flora and fauna, wildlife and marine life navigating the shores of this 5,700-hectare reserve.

  • Prepare to have personal encounters with bottlenose dolphins and humpback whales while hundreds of bird species can be seen. 


Machangulo Reserve consists of pristine beaches, forest-covered sand dunes, and untouched nature areas.


The Reserve experiences a humid tropical climate, January and February being the wettest months with about 120 mm falling in each month. The rainy season is also the hottest period, with average temperatures around 30 C (85 F). The best months to go are the cooler drier months May to October with little or no rain and temperatures rarely below 20 C (68 F).


The fantastic beaches and superb weather are prime conditions for all the activities one can partake in whilst visiting the reserve. Snorkelling, scuba diving, windsurfing, deep sea fishing, dhow day trips, beach walks and other hiking trails are all available.


By air
A short commercial flight from Johannesburg to Maputo followed by a 15 minute charter flight to Machangulo.

By air and boat
A short commercial flight from Johannesburg to Maputo followed by a 90 minute boat ride across Maputo Bay to Machangulo.


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