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  • The Savute Channel flows from the Linyanti water system on the Botswana/Namibia border until it empties into the Savute Marsh in the Chobe National Park. 

  • Dubbed the “Vanishing River”, the channel actually dried up in 1981 and as a result the Savute Marsh also dried up.

  • In 2008 the Savute Channel reappeared, beginning to flow again after more than 25 years! 

  • It is a vital water source for animals in the region during the dry winter months.

  • Internationally renowned as a remote and dramatic game-viewing area for safari aficionados, the Savute has open landscapes, abundant wildlife and a full cast of predators. 

  • Open woodlands provide habitat for large antelope and buffalo herds, preyed on by big cats and wild dogs, while permanent waterholes ensure elephants remain in Savuti all year.

  • The river flows south from the Linyanti Swamps to flood the famous Savuti Marsh, teeming with wildlife and characterised by ghostly dead trees from its dry years.

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By road
A 4 hour drive from the northern Park entrance of Chobe National Park on a good gravel road that is passable in 2WD. From Maun the first 100 km is tar but then the road is sandy and deteriorated. Taking your own fuel is a must. A 4WD vehicle is essential on other routes as well. 

By air
Air transfers are regularly made from Maun and vehicles from private camps do the ground transfers. 

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