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Hwange National park by Trip Savvy.jpg
  • Situated on the border with Botswana about 200km north-west of Bulawayo.

  • Hwange is the largest National Park in Zimbabwe, renowned for having more animals and a greater variety of species than any other Park in the country.

  • The Park encompasses more than 14,600km², being approximately half the size of Belgium!

  • Mostly Kalahari Desert sands cover gently undulating countryside, while the area around Sinamatella has some raised areas and granite outcrops. 

  • The expansive terrain offers a range of vegetation from bush scrub (mopane woodland and teak trees) to open grasslands.

  • Water is provided to the Park by several artificially fed (borehole) watering holes.

  • Home to all of the big five (lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo and rhino).

  • 107 species of mammal including giraffe, zebra, wildebeest, sable, eland, roan, warthog, hippo, hyena, bat eared fox, side stripe jackal, black backed jackal and cheetah.

  • Over 400 species of birds.

  • One of the last great sanctuaries for elephant in Africa where you can find herds of up to 100-strong drinking and bathing at waterholes.

  • The dry season runs from August to late October and temperatures reach the mid 30s towards the end of the season but drop sharply at night.

  • Open all year round although the best time to visit is in the dry season when the game concentrates around waterholes and the grass is not long enough to impede visibility. Most roads are also accessible at this time.

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