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  • Located on the north-eastern border with Zambia.

  • Lake Kariba is where the Zambezi River has been dammed downstream from the Victoria Falls and was built to produce hydroelectric power.

  • Completed in the 1950s, the Lake covers an area of 5,180km² and was originally the largest man made lake in Africa.

  • It remains the world’s largest artificial lake and reservoir by volume and the fourth largest by surface area.

  • Fascinating grey limbs of trees from “drowned forests” emerge from the water’s surface more than 50 years after they were partially submerged.

  • There are many islands and several bays have also formed where the various rivers enter.

  • Sanyati River enters the Lake surrounded by steep mountainous sides creating the Sanyati Gorge. 

  • Rich in wildlife and birdlife. 

  • Protected wildlife areas include Kubari Wilderness Area, Charara Safari Area and Matusadona National Park (on the southern shore of the Lake).

  • Most commonly seen species are hippo, crocodile, elephant, buffalo, impala, waterbuck, baboon and monkey.

  • The black rhino Intensive Protection Zone can be visited at Tashinga.

  • Predators include lions, leopard, hyena and hunting dog, as well as the smaller cat species such as the African civet and genet.

  • Ever-present waders, white egrets, open-bill storks and sacred ibis can be seen fishing in the shallows. 

  • Pairs of malachite kingfishers add a brilliant splash of colour.

  • Sunsets at Kariba are second to none.

  • Experience a houseboat trip.

  • Open all year round, although ideal times are April to August when the weather is perfect.

  • September/October is best for tiger fishing or game viewing.

  • September through to February can get very hot – however, this doesn’t stop the houseboats and Kariba accommodation being fully booked over the Christmas and New Year holiday period.

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By road
363 km from Harare on a main tar road. 

By air

Solenta Aviation offers scheduled charter flights that depart several days of the week from either Harare of Victoria Falls.  You can opt to fly into either Kariba Airport itself, or through to one of the smaller airstrips closest to your chosen accommodation.  Should you need a flight on a day that there is no scheduled option, there are several air charter companies that can do private charters.

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