Leaping into 2020 from a great Lookout...

He stood at the edge of the precipice… the Batoka Gorge opened out before him, millennia in the making – and now, in this brief moment, his greatest challenge… His stomach lurched and his breath quickened as the guide spoke to him quietly, preparing him, encouraging him to “just step forward”. And there he goes! Leaping into the gorge, a 70-metre freefall drop, silent and wide-eyed, before swinging like a pendulum above the river, his arms and legs waving and his triumphant whoop echoing off the rocks. I watched from the comfort and safety of my table at the Lookout Café, thanking the river gods that it wasn’t me taking the plunge. Well, not today, anyway! The Gorge Swing is just one of the

Zimbabwe... Victoria Falls, but more!

We have welcomed the first rains of the season to Africa – a glorious time of year when spirits are lifted, the relief of drought-ridden land palpable in the petrichor and when the promise of new life can be felt on the scented air. Zimbabwe, in all her intense glory, is ready for a dazzling, green season! Come with us, as we do a round-up of our beautiful, more well-known national parks and what makes them wonderful; we touch on the reasons why the summer season is possibly the perfect time to go solo and we remind you why family safaris are life-changing safaris… "Watch this space and join us for the next few days in the magical world of Zimbabwe!" #Africa #Zimbabwe #VictoriaFalls #Safari

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