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Wellness in the wild

Letting the bush take care of your well-being whilst on safari

Wellness in the wild, what is it?

Great Plains

Wellness means something different to everyone - there’s really not one definition which the worlds’ population can agree will be the correct answer, and this is the beauty of the word. We all have different methods which help us feel our best selves. To me, a conscious effort put towards ensuring a true feeling of lightness and peace within myself is a wonderful definition.

Today, it might be the most important thing you can do with your spare time - improving your health or better yet, preventing any form of dis-ease in your mind and body. EVEN ON HOLIDAY. Having a personal interest in the matter, I’ve managed to speak with numerous professionals in different specialised fields. There are many basic methods that most will recommend to help someone reach a level of contentment or peace with which they feel happy, but one which never goes unmentioned is simply to “get outside”. Stepping onto soil or grass to purposefully and mindfully ground yourself into the earth is one of the easiest ways to feel even a fraction more at peace.