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Our Latest Trip to Elephant's Eye Lodge, Hwange

We recently visited Elephant's Eye Lodge in Hwange National Park this month. This is what we got up to during our stay.

After the hype of the marathon had calmed down, I made my way to Elephant’s Eye, Hwange.

This gorgeous eco-lodge lies just outside Hwange National Park and is an easy 2,5 - 3 hour drive out of Victoria Falls if taken by transfer, and roughly 2 hours if you’re self driving - perfect for me as I didn’t have much time there before driving back up to the Falls.

Arriving around lunch time on Wednesday, I was greeted with an EXTREMELY happy team of staff. Smiles and waves were thrown about joyously and were visible from a mile away.

I was introduced to each individual and taken up to the lounge area overlooking the pool which further looked onto a boma and eventually, after a long stretch of grass and bush and a watering hole in the far distance, the horizon was all I could see.

Aaron is the manager of Elephant's Eye, and I cannot speak higher of him if I tried! He is wonderful in every regard - knowledgeable, informative, welcoming, and most importantly he is so friendly and has a smile that never fades!

Aaron showed me to my beautiful room which had an amazing view from every corner - even the bathtub! A king size bed made up with soft white linen, a fire place and other small touches that made the room what it was - total luxury.

I was taken on a game drive around 15:30 on which I managed to visit the local ladies who sew bags, aprons, placemats and more, as well as those that make jewellery out of magazine paper - incredible! It’s special being able to support these women and their families, and the few products that I purchased for myself now certainly have great sentimental value.

We then went for some sundowners quite literally, in the middle of a herd of elephants. Although a little bit nerve wracking, the experience was surreal. I could very happily have sundowners every evening with these gentle giants wandering around me (maybe with an extra tot of gin to calm the nerves!)

Meals at Elephants Eye are no joke - it’s a matter of pacing yourself really. The superb chef certainly loves to fill his guests up to the absolute brim! With a delicious three course meal at dinner and breakfast times, I was left more than satisfied.

The next day I was up at dawn to watch the sunrise from my warm bed, and then got ready for the full day game drive that awaited me…

A full day game drive is your best option if you want to see four of the big five that reside in Hwange National Park.

As Elephants Eye isn’t quite inside the park, you’ll have to spend more than a quick morning or afternoon drive in the safari vehicle in order to get the best of what the park has to offer. Remember that some of the animals you are looking for (such as lion and leopard) aren’t going to be sitting, waiting for you - it’s a little bit like a treasure hunt - and this is what makes a safari so exciting!

You’ll have to keep your eyes peeled and pay attention to your surrounds at all times. Dumi, my guide for the day was a true gem! He had so much knowledge to share thanks to his years of experience, great stories that kept me entertained all day and a wonderful sense of humour!

We drove through most of the park and approached many of the pans (flat, grassy areas usually surrounding a watering hole) which allowed us to see masses of beautiful elephants throughout the day.

Each herd gave us a great show - rolling around in the mud playfully, a few little tiff’s here and there, and one herd even woke up a sleeping lioness for us. She wasn’t very happy about having to move but it certainly worked out in our favour! This was our last sighting of the day and we were out the park by 6pm, in time for a quick freshen up and yet another delightful three course dinner.

I was happy to crawl into my comfortable, king size bed at the end of such a wonderful day in the park. On my last morning I took full advantage of my bath with a view - watching the antelope at the watering hole creep very carefully in for their morning drink.

And after my breakfast fit for a queen, it was sadly time to say goodbye to Elephants Eye and the wonderful staff, and made my way back to Victoria Falls.

In a nutshell, Elephant’s Eye, Hwange is a great choice of lodge for those wanting a luxury-safari experience, and the perfect choice for those that are coming for a short stay, driving from Vic Falls.

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