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Taking the Kids on Safari

Everything you need to consider when taking the kids on safari.

Taking the kids on safari can be daunting for some parents, but it really doesn’t have to be! We’ve come up with a few pointers to keep in mind when travelling with kids of all ages, as we wouldn’t want you to travel all the way over only to feel unequipped and overwhelmed in the bush.

What to think about?

Travel time - Many will be traveling from across the world. We all know just how nightmare-ish it can be flying in a confined space with a screaming, uncomfortable little human with blocked ears (bless them). It can be tiring and frustrating. The long journeys don’t always stop there though. When touring around Africa, there might be times where you’ll either: 1) have to jump into another airplane, or 2) take a rather long car ride to your destination.

If you’re prepared to risk spending some days nursing the little lovelies, then by all means - come on over - it doesn’t bother us!