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Destination Hwange!

It’s near impossible to put into words the feelings that are experienced in such a treasured National Park like Hwange. Just a 2 hour drive from Victoria Falls and you’re in this wild yet totally magical arena. For us at Off 2 Africa, some of our favourite past times have been spent here and these are some (but definitely not all) of the reasons:

The camps…

Sometimes, a simple tent shared with your loved one, some easy-to-cook meals, and a 4x4 car to cruise around the park for some game viewing can be the perfect getaway. On the other hand, luxury is certainly not hard to come by in Hwange. Some of our favourite camps here have outstanding reputations for being the best in Africa, and for good reason! There aren’t many places where you’re able to relax on your private deck by the pool, and at the same time, watch a fleet of animals approaching a watering hole to drink… with a cold drink in hand of course. Pure bliss.

Pictured below: The Hide Safari Camp (left) and Somalisa Camp (right)

The wildlife…

Famous for the tens of thousands of elephants that reside in the park, but also for the many other exciting species roaming around. Four of the big five are found here and are spotted regularly by our visitors. It’s a surreal experience to be putting a real-life scene to “survival of the fittest”. With the help and knowledge of the incredible guides in Hwange, you’re bound to be blown away by what wildlife you see and learn about during your stay.

Pictured below: Wildlife at Bomani Tented Camp

The secluded safari experience…

We would be being biased if we claimed that Hwange was the best park in the whole of Africa, because there are many others which can boast similar views and possibly very similar wildlife. But one thing that we can confidently say is that the safari experience in terms of exclusivity may well be the very best. In visiting the bush, crowds are the last thing you’d want. Here, you’re able to drive around your camps area with not another vehicle in sight.

Pictured below: Views at Elephant's Eye (left) and a secluded game drive with Bomani Tented Lodge (right)

The classic bush fires…

If you haven’t sat around a fire talking with your loved ones, playing games and simply just being in that very moment - then we suggest you don’t experience this for the first time in Hwange. It’s just unbeatable to say the least. With a blanket of stars above you, African wildlife all around you and a warm fire in front of you, you’ll undoubtedly remember this moment for a lifetime.

Pictured below: Evening camp fires at Somalisa Expeditions and Davisons Camp

The photographic opportunities…

A photographers paradise. In fact, there is nothing that isn’t worth capturing. The animals is an obvious one, as is the scenery. If you enjoy wildlife photography and haven't tried out bird life - this might become a new obsession of yours after visiting this area. The different terrains are also worth snapping at as there’s something wonderfully creative about the ground as its cracking away due to dehydration, or the different colours that go with each season. Essentially, you’ll have a world of different and exciting photographic opportunities in Hwange.

Pictured below: Incredible photographic opportunities at Davisons Camp (left) and Linkwasha Camp (right)

The Painted Dog Conservation...

On a trip to Hwange, we’re able to visit the amazing Wild Dog Centre which educates travellers about one of our most endangered species. The sanctuary provides a great amount of information, emotional stories and, if we’re lucky, we can meet the gorgeous rescued dogs that are loved and cared for so deeply by everyone around them! We are so grateful for this incredible initiative and everyone involved. There is always more to learn and every bit of help towards conservation is so appreciated! Read more about the PDC here:

Pictured below: A few gorgeous and playful wild dogs found in Hwange National Park


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