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Unexpected things to do in Zimbabwe

Visiting the magnificent Victoria Falls is a bucket list experience for travelers around the world. The is Zimbabwe’s leading attraction, and with good reason.

However, there is much more to Zimbabwe than Victoria Falls. In addition to exciting wildlife safaris and an opportunity to learn about the many different cultures of Zimbabwe, the country offers a unique opportunity to get off the beaten path and really explore.

Here are a few of our favorite unexpected things to do in Zimbabwe.

Visit the Mysterious Ancient City of Great Zimbabwe

In the province of Masvingo, lies the ancient city of Great Zimbabwe. Hidden in a small, forested grove, you can wander through these ruins made from almost perfect stonework. The height (10 meters) and thickness (5 meters) of the walls is simply amazing. While there are a number of theories, no one can say for certain how this level of perfection was attained hundreds and hundreds of years ago. Constructed in the 7th century, you’ll notice how perfectly the stones line up even to this day. And the consistently curved structure was all constructed without mortar.

The most popular theory of the history of Great Zimbabwe is that the city was built by the ancestors of the Shona tribe, a Bantu-speaking group.

Visit an Abandoned Safari Camp

Chilo Gorge, one of Zimbabwe’s newest and most luxurious safari camps, is remotely located near a town called Gonarezhou. This property is a shining example of conservation that involves the local communities. Here visitors can enjoy the riches of the local Shangaan culture, witnessing firsthand the bright promise of a truly sustainable future.

While staying at Chilo Gorge, don’t miss walking through this pristine wilderness. You’ll witness animals in their most natural state, towering ancient baobab trees and the presence of elephants everywhere.