Should Southern Africa still be on your vacation Bucket list? 5 reasons we think it should - and maybe some reasons it shouldn’t!

June 28, 2017


With a plethora of travel opportunities around the world it can often be very difficult to decide what destination to put on your ‘must visit’ list and which to leave in the back of your mind for a time in the future when you have no destinations left to explore - probably not the case for most of us - but there are some avid travelers who get around the globe pretty quickly.


Living in Southern Africa, Zimbabwe to be precise, we would naturally be biased towards being on your bucket list ratings, but we own that bias with great pride for our wonderful land and would love to share some of it with you! BUT, lets start off with the reason’s you shouldn't visit Southern Africa. 


Firstly, the beauty of the African continent is captivating. It is the reason many people who have travelled to Africa, or live here say it is in their blood. This may sound like a positive thing, BUT imagine if the beauty entices you to up your job, home and belongings to move out to live here. This could create family tensions, logistical issues and excessive excitement which may be too much to handle.



Secondly, the weather. Southern Africa has some of the most temperate climates in the world and if you are from a region with far more extreme climates, high or low - the return from your vacation is likely to increase your frustration at the climate where you live - and we don’t want your level of depression to increase due to a wonderful holiday experience in beautiful Africa.


Thirdly, you are likely to see some strange and unique animals. Whilst at first this may be a novelty on your journey - their faces and bodies are likely to be etched in your mind for many years to come and with only the opportunity to see them on a TV screen or in a dream at night - the longing for the past may prevent you from living life to the full in the present and future.



Fourthly, Adrenaline Highs. Africa has many adrenaline fuelled activities - the famous gorge swing at Victoria Falls, white water rafting down the Zambezi River, riding on elephants and walking amongst lions to name a few. A trip to Africa could provide you with an array of adrenaline highs which will make the rest of everyday life too dreary to handle.



Whilst those reasons were rather humorous and we hope you enjoyed reading them, there are also some incredible reason we think you should consider a visit this wonderful continent!


Diverse Landscapes


From the breath-taking table mountain in Cape Town, to the surreal deserts of Namiba - from the majestic Victoria Falls, to the open savanna's of Hwange National Park - you have the opportunity to experience diversity of landscape like nowhere else!



Gently floating down the Okavango Delta will transport you back in time and wondering through vineyards in the Cape will bring peace and refreshing to life. Lying in a bath, watching elephants enjoy the waterhole will feel like you are in a dream, whilst walking through some of the most un-inhabited places on earth in Mana Pools National Park will bring a hint of fear, combined with tingling excitement and wonder.



Relaxing in a hammock on a beach lined with palm trees and crystal clear in Bazaruto Archipelago will make you feel 10 years younger, and the skeleton coast camp at Hoanib will make you feel like you are in a different world.



The list could go on and on - but the bottom line is if you want diversity of landscape on your holiday vacation - you will find it here in Southern Africa.


Extra-ordinary Wildlife


Southern Africa has many wonderful animals that live nowhere else in the wild. Prepare to be captivated by the wildlife you come into contact with on your holiday vacation.




The opportunity to see the BIG five which includes the Lion, Leopard, African Elephant, Rhino and Buffalo in their natural habitat will be a wonderful experience. BUT that isn't all there is to see. The Africa Painted dog is a treasure worth hunting for, the Giraffe is an extra-ordinary site, the hilarious meerkat will have you in stitches and the pangolin will melt your heart. The bird life is also astounding so get those binoculars ready.



There is so much more that we could share, but we want you to experience these animals up close and personal - so don't waste another moment in letting us help you plan your next trip - the nature of Africa will captivate you.


Travel to suit your budget


Southern Africa provides the opportunity for travel regardless of your budget. Yes, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, so we encourage you to plan and save for it (Our itineraries may give you a taste of pricing), but we can create a custom itinerary to suit your budget - just drop us a line and we can start to craft your once in a life-time experience.



If you are after ultimate luxury and exclusivity, there are lodges such as Pamushana, Elephant Camp and Rukomechi just to name a few. If you want a blend of luxury and affordability there are Beachcomber and LUX hotels in Mauritius, Camp Amalinda in Matobo Hills,