Join us for February’s “Love your Locals Campaign” as we partner with SPROUT and shift our Valentines month’s major focus from the relationships with our partners, towards the beautifully inspiring and strong relationship that includes every Zimbabwean near and far. 


If there is one trait that we as a people proudly recognise in ourselves, it is that we truly are the definition of a supportive community. We have, as a nation, endured pain that others might not ever manage to comprehend. Despite this all, Zimbabweans always come together to uplift and empathise with one another, because differences aside - we live the same reality, we share the same frustrations and whilst some lives seem to be better off than others, we all feel the same brokenness when times become all too daunting. 




As beautiful and peaceful our country is, there is no denying that there are many areas that are so sadly poverty stricken. With this comes a multitude of unfortunate problems for those affected. Food everyday is not a given, necessities such as toiletries and clothing, bedding and stationary are hard to come by. Families are separated as fathers and mothers travel for work in order to send money back to “Kumusha” (family homes). Many communities depend on donations and NGO’s that have come across them. 


Education is something that the ENTIRE population of Zimbabwe is desperate to have. The poorer areas genuinely want to learn. They want the opportunity to go further than family members might have gone, and so their will to learn and their perseverance is tremendously inspirational.